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Foot health

Our foot health team at Bodyworks clinic are experts in treating conditions of the feet.

Foot health practitioners offer a similar service to podiatrists and chiropodists which includes toenail trimming, corn and callus removal, verrucae and fungal treatments. Diabetic foot assessments and monitoring is also carried out by both, along with general advice and guidance on footcare and footwear.

A Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) is diploma trained and is qualified to work in the private sector to undertake routine clinical work necessary to maintain the health of the foot.

As with Podiatrists, foot health practitioners are fully insured and those trained by The College of Foot Care Professionals and will use safely sterilised instruments for each patient.


Foot Health Clinic TUESDAYS

£45 Initial consultation

£40 follow ups



Verucca Treatments

We treat verruca with 60% medical salicylic acid and reduces the hard skin which normally covers the verruca and causes the pain. Normally multiple treatments are required. As it is a virus, they can take a while to go, and they may well return again later in life.

We do not offer Cryo, swift or needling as they require multiple treatments and there are no guarantees of getting rid of the verucca. Verucca's normally disappear by themselves after 2 years and are not treated by the NHS as they are a very common virus.

About us


JESSICA PITHER  Foot health practitioner

With 14 years working in the health care industry in various roles and completing a Nursing Course in 2018, Jessica went on to complete her diploma as a foot health practitioner in 2020.

She also does home visits in the local area.

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