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BODYWORKS What is a Life Coach?


With people skills from a lifetime working career in wellbeing and Stress Management, Suzy coaches individuals to mange their life in such a way that they are able to enjoy it in a fully balanced and fulfilling way.


Suzy’s  clients tend to be people who strive to achieve a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Many find that they have focused too much of their time and energy on work and as a result, neglected their own health and wellbeing and even their close relationships have suffered. Working with Suzy shows them that it is possible to change and achieve a happy balance between personal and work life.
























Suzy is known for her calmness and subtlety, her ability to engage and empathise. She seeks to build a strong rapport with her clients, and can be challenging where necessary to help them make the changes they seek.


Qualifications :


•Occupational Health Nursing Diploma

•Transpersonal Psychotherapy training

•Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training  

•Coaching Facilitator and Mentor of the Passion Test programme

•Yoga and Meditation Teacher

•Corporate and Executive Life Coaching Programme

•DISC Personality Coach Certificate

•Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Trainer


Contact Me


Tele : 07961 462609  

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Coaching Fees


First Consultation session : £75 for put to 2 hours.

Consequent sessions are £60 per hour or £300 for 6 sessions




“I have found that after working with Suzy my passions have become clearer and more refined. it's a simple way for me to remind myself what's truly important in my life”  

-  Steven


“The coaching I have received from Suzy has been more beneficial than I can put in words. It has inspired me in many ways, given me confidence and allowed me to see many obstacles in a whole new perspective “

- Emma

























Suzy Pool


Suzy began her career as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor. She worked for over 18 years in the public and private sectors, training and advising on Stress Management and Sickness Absence. She also trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy 9 years ago.


Suzy trained as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher over 12 years ago and also coaches and teaches the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme.  She qualified as a Life Coach and Mentor in Passion Centred Coaching for adults and young people 7 years ago in the United States. She also trained in the Corporate and Executive Life Coaching Programme 4 years ago and has been specialising in Work/Life Balance coaching since then.