What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a safe and natural holistic form of treatment, which gently encourages the body to heal itself. It is a system of medicine suitable for all ages, from newborn babies and teenagers to pregnant women and the elderly, and can be used to treat people with a wide range of ailments including coughs and colds, digestive problems, skin complaints, allergies, joint problems, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.  


Homeopathy was originally discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, a German Doctor over 200 years ago and is now widely used throughout the world to restore and maintain great health.


Homeopathy works on the principle of 'like cures like', also known as the way of similars. For example a person suffering from insomnia may be prescribed a minute dose of a substance such as coffee, which would cause sleeplessness in a healthy person if taken in large quantities.



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Initial Consultation (up to 90 minutes) £80

Follow up sessions (30 minutes) £50

Price includes all Remedies


If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim back the costs for your visits  - please check with your insurance provider.



Homeopathic remedies


Safe and gentle Homeopathic remedies are diluted so they are safe and gentle. The dilution process not only eliminates any toxic effects that the original substance may have had, but also accentuates their healing properties. They act gently, stimulating the body with as little of a substance as possible to affect healing. Remedies prescribed by a homeopath are safe during pregnancy, safe for babies, children and elderly patients.


Where mainstream drugs provide as much of a substance as a patient can tolerate, homeopathic remedies provide as little as is needed to gently affect change.



Helping the body to heal itself


Homeopathic remedies gently stimulate the body’s natural healing capacity is enhanced, encouraging the body to heal itself. Remedies are made from naturally occurring substances that have not been modified or synthesised.




Treating the whole person


One of the main reasons for its success is that homeopathy treats the individual as a whole person, considering not only physical symptoms, but mental and emotional characteristics too. So for example, a woman suffering from PMT who is angry before her periods would be given a different remedy from a person who is tearful before her periods.



Looking at the whole body


Homeopathy looks at all the symptoms of the body together and finds themes running through the whole system. For example, a woman with fibroids, warts, sinusitis and benign breast lumps may have a tendency towards overproduction in her system – making too many cells and producing too much mucous. Remedies would be given to address this theme so that all of these physical symptoms may be improved.



Addressing the cause


Homeopathy looks at the cause of symptoms, especially any emotional stresses or events that happened around the time the symptoms started. For example, a man's irritable bowel syndrome started 4 months after his wife passed away. The feelings of loss, loneliness, fear of the future etc. may be the cause of the physical symptoms therefore by using remedies that address these emotions the IBS may be relieved.

Josephine is a registered and fully insured homeopath providing professional homeopathic healthcare in Rickmansworth and Bodyworks Clinic in Chalfont St Peter.


Josephine first discovered the benefits of homeopathy in her early twenties. After suffering from intolerable eczema on and off since childhood, with GPs and dermatologists advising her to simply avoid a growing list of products, she was finally encouraged to see a homeopath. Within two weeks of treatment the eczema disappeared and never returned!


Such quick and lasting results encouraged Josephine to continue using homeopathy and discover more about this incredible system of medicine. She began using homeopathy to treat minor ailments in family, friends and pets and decided to embark upon a comprehensive four-year degree course at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London. The training encompassed all areas of classical and practical homeopathy and fully prepared her for addressing the diverse aspects of health in the 21st century.