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By bodyworkscharlotte, Nov 23 2017 01:05PM

In the cold damp weather, remember joint problems become more present. To improve mobility and function, best to keep joints warm and perform simple mobility excercises- ideally before you start your day!

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By bodyworkscharlotte, Nov 2 2017 12:28PM

We are pleased to introduce one of our newest members to the team- Holly Miles.

Holly Miles is a nutritional therapist and health coach. She has a particular interest in weight management, fatigue and stress, but also offers support to individuals managing chronic health conditions, or those just wishing to generally improve their diet and lifestyle. As an experienced coach, Holly also offers clients the option of on-going coaching support which may benefit those individuals needing to make significant diet and lifestyle changes longer term.

To make an appointment, please call Holly directly on 07731 552688 or call the clinic on 01753 893555

By bodyworkscharlotte, Apr 13 2017 01:44PM

Bodyworks are pleased to welcome Dr Kat Bennett to our clinic in Chalfont St Peter. She will be providing anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers at her clinic on Mondays.

Dr Kat Bennett is a practising GP in Chiswick and a trained Aesthetic Physician. She is registered with the GMC and is fully insured. She is passionate about aesthetics and is thrilled to offer treatments @ Bodyworks. She offers safe non surgical cosmetic treatments and aims to help you to achieve a natural, fresher and more youthful look.

Dr Bennett divides her time between working as a GP in the NHS and her aesthetic clinics based in Chiswick, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. She brings her exceptionally high standards of patient care to her clinics.

All consultations, prescriptions, treatment and follow up are carried out by Dr Kat Bennett ensuring patients receive the highest standards throughout.

By bodyworkscharlotte, Oct 4 2016 03:17PM

So what sparked Peter Clark's interest and passion for Osteopathy and healthy living? We asked him a few key questions....

So what initially drew you to study osteopathy? It was the physical science and the potential to help people. I have always been very interested in sport and the human physiology, so it was a natural step for me.

What is the best bit about your job? Helping people that are in a lot of pain. It is extremely satisfying to know that what I do can have such an impact on peoples lives.

In your opinion, what makes a good osteopath? I think being able to understand why someone has developed a problem and effectively putting into place a treatment plan and excercise program. I enjoy meeting new people and I know I am very dedicated to the practice of osteopathy and healthy living in general.

What is your favourite alltime meal? The mainstay of my diet consists of fresh colourful foods with plenty of leafy greens and vegetables, with a good slab of meat, chicken or fish. I am however rather partial to a good Thai or Indian meal. A hot Chicken Norjahan is probably one of my favourites on a night out, obviously with a good side of vegetables!

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